Children's stories have always fascinated me and I wanted to hear the same story over and over and over from my grandmother. Becoming a mother took me to that childhood land once again and I decided to share my stories with the world. Watching children's various expressions along the story and their undivided attention brings the utmost joy to my heart. 

I love languages and I'm a native speaker of Persian and Arabic. I received my MA degree in Translation from Durham University in England and have lived in many places around the globe. Canada is my current home.

How it all started?

Two things have been the trigger for the writing of my first book... 

The first one was becoming a mother and the constant thought about how to bring up my child(ren). 

The second was the arrival of Syrian refugees to Canada in 2015 and not finding a book related to their arrival to Canada. Even though my child was very young at that time, but I wondered about how I'd teach her to be welcoming to new comers to her classroom. My first book, Yara, My Friend from Syria, is about a Syrian girl's first day of school and how her new friends make a difference in experience. 

My Favorite book?

I've been asked this question by some of my friends and guess what? I couldn't decide on one book. 

The publishing of each book is like the birth of a new child. Each book takes a lot of time, effort, revisions, updates, and care in general. That's why, I simply LOVE them all!


At the moment, my focus is on completing a series of books on Baha'i Holy Days. So far, six of my books belong to this series. 

why I write for children?

In my opinion, books are the easiest way to teach children values, history, events, etc. When a child loves a book, they want it read to them over and over again. Repetition is an effective tool in teaching.

I realized the need to have more Baha'i children's books for young children (around the age of 5), and some other books related to events that happen in children's lives, so I decided to write them!