Reviews from readers

Yara, My Friend from Syria

"This story touched my heart as I am the first generation American and understand far too close the struggle of leaving your home and culture behind to be in a new place. This book is a "must" in libraries of people who want to raise well rounded and understanding child as well as in libraries of immigrant parents to help their children to thrive in the new place."

~ Otakara Klettke

Ayyám-i-Há in My Family

"Such a great children's book; I loved the illustration, which enhanced such an incredible story that not only children can learn from but adults as well. Ayyam-i-Ha seems like a delightful holiday, and this book is an excellent example of the celebration of it."

~ Deirdre Stokes

Roses Everywhere

"This is a fresh retelling of a simple and profound story. Examples from the life of 'Abdu'l-Baha can serve as an example to children and adults, helping guide each of us in our daily actions and interactions with others."

~ Joan L. Jensen

My Preemie Sister is One: The First Year of a Preemie’s Life from the Eyes of Her Sister

"I enjoyed reading this book because as a nurse who sometimes worked in NICU, I had not considered how a child views seeing a baby sibling in the hospital in a “glass box.” There is usually so much focus on the baby and parents. I smiled when she said how long she had to wait to hold her baby sister and how she felt a little jealous seeing her mom holding the premie. The illustrations in this book are beautiful. To the author, well done!"

~ Jeanie Jacks

Mullá Ḥusayn: The Story of the Declaration of the Báb for Young Children

"I had been dreaming of a book that tells the story of Mulla Husayn for younger readers, and here it is, complete with beautiful illustrations that keep my kids (3 and 5yrs) attention. Thank you!"

~ Laurel Maloney